Traffic Data Exchange can manage your utilities to give you greater control over administrative costs.

​Let us focus on the routine tasks surrounding your utilities so you can shift resources to revenue generating tasks and core competencies.  Just leave the back office processes to TDE.  

Why should you outsource your utility bill payment to TDE?  Our software can accurately calculate invoice processing so your bill payment is optimized for your business needs. We can eliminate billing errors and proactively obtain bills to reduce late fees, saving you incremental overhead cost.

In addition, we harvest the data from your utility invoices so we can audit and analyze the information.  This results in reliable data to help you make informed decisions about your business utility expenses.  Our CFO partners appreciate our consolidated end-of-year reports.

TDE's industry expertise and accounting solutions can:

  • Optimize your bill payment
  • Provide analysis on regulated and deregulated areas for cost effectiveness
  • Reduce overhead cost