TDE delivers a multitude of report variations at lightning speed and accuracy. We can consolidate your freight data and create a historical database of accounts. This data allows us to audit and ensure your carrier freight rate schedules are in place.  In addition, our data analysis allows you to report accurate accruals and budget goals. We provide clean, accurate GL codes and financially reportable data, saving you hours of time reporting your quarter-over-quarter and yearly analysis.

“Working with Traffic Data Exchange has been a seamless extension of our in-house finance team.  Their reporting options provide instantaneous data from multiple vendors and saves countless hours for our team.  This allows us to focus on more important issues, like anticipating our customer’s growth and meeting increased demands,Lee Plutino, Logistics Manager, Cooper Surgical Inc.

Give us 12 months. We’ll guarantee your ROI. With nearly 20 years of freight industry experience, we are confident we can streamline your processes, saving you valuable resources. Are you ready to partner? We are.  Contact us to find out how to get started. 


"Big data," when collected and analyzed, is powerful.  The knowledge it brings allows you to make smart decisions, effecting your bottom line. Traffic Data Exchange's customized reporting tool, The Exchange, offers real-time data 24/7.  We provide a dedicated, secure web server for each client and solutions that allow you to manage your unique trends.  Our dashboard completely integrates data from multiple sources, giving you access to your information when you need it.

Current partners can enter The Exchange to find your unique data. New clients, contact us to find out how to get started.